Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Picking Strawberries

Well in keeping with recent fashion, tBF.ca has managed to go on another outing and take no pictures. There's a lot of I behind the WE of tBF.ca.

Anyways we headed out on the holiday Monday to pick some strawberries. The location was picked by the WB family. They managed to take a few photos of their adventure. Head on over to Berry Pickin if you want a picture of some other kid running around the berry patch. If I had photoshop maybe I could doctor that one up. Hmmm...

However the Bussey Family excelled at picking strawberries. We were aided by the fact that our kids weren't gorging on the strawberries. Then again BigE wasn't picking or eating many.

After filling up three gallons we were stucking waiting for the WB's to fill two gallons. So while we waited for the WB gang to finish we sat down and started snacking. This is when BigE finally took to the strawberries. As long as they looked good. Anything without a top or mushie ... No Way! Textures are important to BigE.

All in all a nice morning out in the sun. Not too hot and just windy enough to keep the flies at bay.

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