Monday, May 28, 2007

Soccer Post #4

Update: Woops thought I had posted this on Saturday. Turns out I saved it, not published it. So here it is.

Well things were a far cry better then Soccer Post III. BigE hit the field running today. Using the first 10 minutes while everyone got organized to run around the field kicking the soccer ball. Once practice started he did a pretty good job of staying with the practice. He was having fun and going on his own.

Today's practice was outside as well. Nice to see the kids running around a yellow field on a bright sunny day. Wait yellow? Yes, the city of Ottawa doesn't use pesticides.

With 10 minutes to go they had a kiddie soccer game. BigE wanted to play goalie. Maybe because that is the only position he knows the name of. But either way he had fun.

Then in the final five minutes it was a free for all with the parents playing. BigE played "soccer ball" with Mama.

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