Thursday, May 31, 2007

One eye'd pirate

Don't know exactly what I did but boy did my eye bother me all day. It felt like I had something, like crust, on my eye when I woke up. Not matter how much rubbing it wouldn't go away. It wasn't until I finally hauled myself out of bed and went to the mirror in the bathroom that I realized that there was nothing there.

So off I went to work with a slight irritant. Well by 11:00 a.m. it was bothering me even more. Man it was almost like having sand in my eyes. So I thought what the heck I'll go rinse my eye with some water. That seemed to move the irritant to the to the middle of my eye lid.

An hour later I decide enough of this and decide to really wash it out. It feels better for a few minutes. But the tears keep coming and the irritant is back. Once I looked completely bloodshot in the eyes I figured it was time to find the mythical nurse on site that I had heard about. Maybe my coworkers could tell this was not alcohol induced.

So I find the nurse by the onsite gym (did I mention how rough it is to work there). Out comes the big magnifying glass light and a whole bunch of eye poking. "Nope I don't see anything"

Oddly enough while that poking killed, a quick rinse with some eye drop tears and 30 minutes later I was feeling pretty good. Blinking seemed to irritate it so I did my best one eyed pirate for about 40 minutes at work. You know when ever I tried using one eye for something it didn't seem like a big deal. Things became much more difficult after some time. An odd sensation.

Slowly through the evening it's been getting better. Fingers crossed for the morning.

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