Sunday, November 11, 2007

BigE was a Babysittin' Friday

We had BigC over for a few hours and BigE was only too happy to play with him. We had a little time for play. As usual every new house is a world of new toys to a kid. BigC was roaming around trying out the new toys

BigE and BigC playing with the toys

We then sat down for a little Pizza supper. BigC was pretty full and BigE didn't like those vegatables that had infested his cheese pizza.

So we were off for a tubby:
BigE and BigC playing in the tub

Finally we had a little bed time snack
BigE and BigC having a bedtime snack

BigE was a little disappointed to wake up and find BigC gone. He wanted him to sleep over for the whole night. I said sure but your getting up with him when he wakes up early!

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