Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Rink makes it's Return

Well I decided to get a jump on the weather and season by setting up the hockey rink early. With Arnie on leash walking until further notice I don't have to worry about a doggie ripping the plastic.

Hockey rink being setup in the backyard

As you can see I've decided to go with a larger and thicker tarp. Rather then my ususal cheap vapour barrier from the home fixer upper store I went with two 20'x28' tarps. So what your looking at is about 38'x28'. (38 is two 20's with a one [UPDATE] and a half [END_UPDATE] foot overlap).

Also new this year I'm not wrapping the tarp up over the boards. What would in effect create a little pool. This year I'm trying it flat on the ground. The boards are only there to give it structure and stop the puck.

I was going to wait till next weekend when the temperature is expected to drop but I thought I had time today. Plus I can use the expected highs of 10+'c this week to hammer in a couple of support stakes. According to I'm looking at some upcoming cooler weather.

Oh and why no pic of the finished product with the boards on? Because my tired old cordless drill died. I had to charge it up for another three hours after turning maybe 30 screws. Moral of the story kids? Always get dual battery packs.


Anonymous said...

if they overlap each by a foot is it 38 or 39? My non-math brain is confused!!

PB said...

Woops. Should have said a foot and a half. Not sure where that went when I typed that.

Yes I did mean to round it down to the nearest foot for ease.

Didn't mean to strain the brain.