Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Fun New Software

okay it's getting late butI can't wait to post this. I am writing this with my fancy new software. It's its Dragon Naturally Speaking standard 9.0. Yes that's right, voice recognition software. And it seems pretty kick ass. While software can seem to keep up with my speech. I keep stopping, and watching it process I'm saying.

I've worked my way through the training package that came with the software. It seems to work pretty well. I only had to make a couple of minor adjustments.

Everything I have typed has been dictated through the headset.
Man is a lot of fun. But my poor little Celeron and M Laptop is working hard to keep up. I can't have too many processes running running, or else things them to slow down a little. Then again maybe I have to stop watching the status window as it process is what I'm saying.

For software with little training, on my peculiar voice, I think it's done pretty well.

This bit I typed to the dictation box. Which is a little tool, as well as you do enter text into a weird programs that are not fully supported by the software. I can't say the name, because that seems to trigger some keyword on the menu. But you can talk into the dictation box and when you're ready. You say the word transfer.

So far it's done pretty good. Until it's fully trained up have to remember to speak clearly and have a controlled pace. When I do that. It seems to do much better. Now I am starting to speed up in my speech. It seems to be keeping up if I don't keep looking back for it. I just need to remember when to say period or comma ( I had to type those words by hand).

just to reiterate, I am running on a Celeron m laptop with 768 MB of RAM. It's pretty neat how it knew to turn megabytes into MB. I have a couple of applications open. I have Firefox, Thunderbird, and iTunes all running right now. But that is about all my little laptop can handle. I would say any computer bought in the last two years should run the software pretty well.

Although have to admit, I don't think I've been a completely give up on the keyboard just yet. Some of the editing can get a little tedious through voice commands. but I don't think, at least for this version of the product, that that is the purpose of the software. At least know when I get Momma trained upon the software. She should have no excuses not to read up some blog posts.

Jeepers look at the length of this post. Maybe this dictation thing is not going to pay off. It's not like I'm getting paid by the word. Anyways, good night.

Oh and one more thing. Some of the advanced versions of the software let you do some powerful macros. The standard version only let you record a simple macros that don't contain any special punctuation. The nice thing here is that I can type "" by saying just the letters t, b, and f.

UPDATE: I left most of the errors in so you can get a sense of how it did.

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