Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Painted Birthday Party

BigE had a Birthday today with his buddy No. Last seen in Trip to Miller's with No. Well today was No's birthday. There was make your own pizzas, crafts, and face painting.

The kids had about 20 minutes of hard-core activity. They found the longest stretch to the house to take on. What the house really needed was a loop. Of course the whole time dada cringed as they slid on their knees. Darn that looked painful.

Then the kids got to make their own pizzas. BigE went for the classic cheese pizza, while all the other kids are adding Parmesan and pepperoni. I thought he was going to be the only kid with a clean pizza. But then came the topper. One little girl wanted just dough. kind of a flat bread, that wasn't really flat or bread. The one surprising fact was a Bige didn't want any party cake. Like we are going to force him.

the best part was probably the face painting. Once bige realized that the PO to wash off, and it wasn't permanent, he was pretty excited. He even managed to be first in line. He chose to be a cheetah.

BigE with his face painting

I must say the paint held up pretty good all day. He was even concerned on going to bed to make sure that the jammies didn't smudge. We will have to see how much paint ends upon the pillow in the morning.

At the end of the party. The loop bag contained more jungle themed fun. Not only did they get stickers, binoculars, and an animal shaped noisemaker, but they also got sunglasses. And Bige likes funny sunglasses:
BigE with his face painting and sunglasses

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