Sunday, November 25, 2007

How Much do you Love Momma?

Who knew that Momma was out in front by that much. Just the other day Momma asked BigE who much he loved Momma. This much she said as she held out her arms.

BigE "As big as the house"

Momma "How much do you love Dada?"

BigE "As big as the garage"

So for devilment I decided to ask the same question this morning. Momma was working so it was just BigE and I snuggling in bed. I stretch my arms out and ask how much do you love Momma?

BigE "As big as this bed" (A Queen)

Dadda "And Daddy?"

BigE "As much as my bed" (A Twin)

I think it's time to start buying some love :-p

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