Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Snow has Arrived

and I'm not sure who's more excited Arnie or BigE.

BigE wasn't having any snuggle time this morning. "It snowed!", "It SNOWED!". Ever since we were putting up those Christmas lights, before it snowed and got cold, BigE has been asking when it will snow.

Well last night he got his wish. Today we wore our snowsuit to school. It wasn't really cold but it was wet sticky snow.

Arnie was also excited to see the snow. At first I thought that excitement had to do with the 60 second pee he took. No really. But after that there was glimpses of Silly Saint. It took a few loud scoldings to calm him down. He did get to go for a couple of rolls in the snow though. I wasn't being completely heartless. But you did know he had surgery right?

The one end result of all this is Dada realizes he has to finish clearing out the garage. Enough of this parking outside business.

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