Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Nappy

It was a late night for BigE on Friday so we were looking for a nappy on Saturday. After some initial complaining I thought I had BigE sold on the idea. He ran upstairs ahead of me and did his usual hiding schtick. This time it was under the bed.

I searched for a little bit. Then upon "finding him" I said come on back on to the top of the bed. To which BigE replied

"It's comfy down here. I'll have my nappy here, under my bed"

After some 15 minutes of shenanigans I read the riot act to BigE and told him if he wasn't asleep within another 15 minutes he had to go back on top of the bed. 45 minutes later all was quiet. So I snuck into his room and caught this:

BigE having a nappy under his bed

Yup, that's his bed over him. He'd dragged everything down to the floor to use.

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