Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Two Courses Down

First there was one. Now there is two done.

This one was even squishier then the last. But there's nothing like a nice 60 page hand in to add some impressive weight to a mountain ... of well something. 10 pages about the group done by the group. Then each person does 6 pages about them plus one or two on the evaluation on the other group members.

That leaves somewhere between 20 and 300 courses to go.


Barbara said...

Hi Paul I want to leave a comment on the Blog, but I can't since I changedover to rogers. Is there some way you could send the blog to my present email bona.vista@yahoo.ca

Anonymous said...

here we go again..........I'm trying to find a way to leave a comment on your blog. is ther a way to transfer the blog to our new email? bona.visat@yahoo.ca

Lots of love