Friday, July 20, 2007

Adventures at Daycare

No fire truck today

What a bitter blow to BigE when we arrived at daycare today. The lunchtime scheduled visit by the fire department had been canceled. Apparently not due to the torrential down pour we're having. Something administrative some time ago. Would have been nice for a big fat X through that activity on the calendar.

My suggestion to pull the alarm and just pay the $75 false alarm fee wasn't appreciated. Odd hunh?!?

Library Trips
The fire truck came on the heels of yesterday's missed trip to the library. Library days don't involve all the kids. Some how between the older ones and those that show an interest get to go on the trip. The highlight being the ride on the city bus.

So after finding out about the fire truck I put the word in that BigE loves to go to the library. I'm not real sure it has anything to do with the books. But it's worth keeping the illusion up. So BigE should get to go on the next Thursday library trip.

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