Monday, July 9, 2007

Dada's Broken Bike

BigE sitting on my bike seatLast weekend I went to drive the pedals down on my bike to get us moving. I had BigE in the bike stoller and we were going across some grass. That can make things a little slow going. As my weight came down I heard a crack and suddenly both pedals were at the bottom at the same time. If you've haven't ridden a bike in a while that is a bad thing.

So we took the bike to the bike shop on Sunday to get it fixed. There goes $50 bucks. I'd do it myself except I'd have to spend more to get the tools then the one time charge of $10-15 for the labour.

Anyways to make the bike fit easier I pulled off the seat. I have a quick release so it's no big deal. Little did I know how popular that seat would be. Now BigE has his own portable seat. He's been hauling that thing around the driveway for two days now.

Now everyday I get asked by BigE when we can go pick up the bike. After this nap? After we get home from daycare? After dinner? Before every ride as we are putting on our helmets I'm told I can ride Mama's bike.
Mama and BigE in the garage

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