Monday, July 16, 2007


Today we came home after a day of daycare to have a BBQ. We had a BBQ less weekend and I knew BigE was chomping to BBQ in the pot. Pot? Yes, but that is another post. In the pot is some lump charcoal.

BigE, hot dogs, and the BBQ
What's not seen is a piece of corn sitting on the side of the charcoal. It was thought to be gone but I through it in, sheath and all, to the pot.

BigE decides to make a spot for us to sit and eat under the steps. That wasn't my favorite idea. It's a small spot for big Dada. But I gave in to the persistence.
BigE having a camp out under the steps
Here we are sitting on the concrete eating our hot dog.
BigE and Dada having a hot dog at our camp ... under the steps
Oh, and here it the corn. It was darn good!
The corn on the cob
Of course the whole time we were stalked by the chewdon Arnie waiting for something to drop.
The Chewdon Arnie was stalking our food

Not to worry though, BigE made sure to put one hot dog on the BBQ for Arnie.

Disclaimer: Only hot dogs and corn were harmed in the making of this post.

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