Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day at the Beach

Daycare had a day at the beach on Friday. BigE while not being booked went anyways with Mama. That way he got to see some of his friends from the "small daycare".

It wasn't a particularly great day. But the forecasted thunder showers did hold off. So they did get to play most of the day. There was intermittent showers which did stop their play with the water sprinkler. Cause you can't play with a water sprinkler in the rain.

BigE running through the water sprinkler.
BigE running through the water sprinkler

That resulted in one wet little boy
BigE wet from the sprinkler

If the sprinkler wasn't enough then BigE and one of his favorite buddies from daycare started to play secret spies with their water guns
BigE with a water gun
Here are the super secret spies sneaking up on Mama
BigE and his daycare buddy

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