Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lunar Jim

We have a new favorite morning TV show around the Bussey household. It's Lunar Jim. So to keep everyone in the loop here is the show:

The Cast

It has three people and two robots living on Moona Luna. There's the leader and title character Lunar Jim. He's tag line is "Let's get Lunar!".

Then there is Ripple the engineer and Eco farmer. A moon base you can see having the engineer. It's kind a hard to outsource that work. But a farmer? Yup. They've got Betsy the cow and crops in a a dome. Plus there are many strange plants on the moon. Didn't you know?

Then comes Rover the robotic dog. He's Lunar Jim's sidekick. Apparently only TED and Jim can understand his noises. Go figure. Whenever Jim heads out on a lunar adventure he takes Rover with him. They slide down a tube to where robotic arms put on Jim's gloves and helmet; and an a polisher cleans Rover's eyes or goggles. The funniest part about Rover his built in fax machine. Flash light eyes I can get. But fax machine?!?!

Then there is TED the robotic helper who feels he can do everything better. He's the lovable dofus that helps set up the mystery and adventures on Moona Luna.

The Shows

Each episode (25 minutes) is two smaller shows. There's usually a problem setup in the first minute or so. From there Jim and the gang investigate. This give lots of time for the kids to figure out the mystery before Jim solves it.


All in all it's a fun show. The animation style reminds me of something like Bob the Builder. In fact I can see many similarities between the two. Like many shows it tries to play up it's educational side. Sure the kids seem problem solving and facing mysteries. But it's no Sesame Street.

Regardless it's a fun little show. The two episodes in one seem to keep BigE's attention. They're just long enough to have a little story with some adventures and twists while not being too long that he gets distracted.

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