Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The New Bike

Well after much thought BigE picked up a new bike today. He had a 10" from Auntie Karen. While that bike had served him well since Christmas he was getting a little big. So it was off to a 12" or 14". I must admit I had hoped to get to a 14" but BigE wanted something he was comfortable with. So here is the blue and yellow bike!

BigE's new blue and yellow 12 inch bike

I had him on a 14" at Canadian Tire a couple weeks ago but he really didn't like the ride. He wasn't used to the higher seat and bar so getting off and on was more difficult.

So, today with Mama it was a 12" bike. It rained most of the afternoon and evening so it wasn't till late we got to have a ride. We did three

BigE: Let's ride the block around

My little french canadian boy.

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