Monday, July 23, 2007

Making a Comment

Just a quick guide to making comments.

You see a post you'd like to comment on. You click on the link located in the bottom right hand corner called "COMMENTS". It's circled in red.

You type in your comment in the box. You can use a ID or you can just leave an anonymous comment.

If you leave an anonymous comment you don't need to log in.

Enter the letters you see in the image in the Word Verification box. This is to stop scripts from posting spam comments. After clicking "Publish your Comment" the page will reload and at the top you will see:

So now your post goes into the system. They don't show up on the page until they are approved by me. I don't plan to moderate much. Mostly just to remove any personal information.

The next time I log into I see your comment. From here it gets approved and then it appears on the site.

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