Monday, July 30, 2007

Gotta get me some pie!

A PieIt was hot. Nearing thirty in the evening. We'd keep the house closed and cool. We were having a BBQ of chicken, pork chops, and corn for supper. A pie was brought for dessert. Rather then using the oven and then being forced to through on the AC I figured to use a better way.

I decided put it on the BBQ. Add a little tin foil heat shield and viola you have an oven. This was apparently wildly crazy.
Pie on the BBQ

Just to try and speed things up I flipped the vegatable tray upside down to put the pie on. The thinking was to crank up the heat but shield the pie from direct heat. Shortly after I covered the top so the crust didn't do too quickly.

Note the silver cord going to the contraption on the side of the BBQ sitting on the foil. That's my remote BBQ thermometer. It was handy to keep an eye on the temperature.

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Saje said...

Yes, it is crazy to put a pie on the BBQ-that isn't normal "dada". However, I can conceed that it was a good idea and that the pie was delicious. I still think that our Japanese home stay student will leave this country thinking that we are all nuts.