Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Magic Slushie

We have a new strip mall around the corner from our place. It's been under development for over a year. Low and behold we now have a medial plaza, coffee shop, vet and Mac's.

What's a Mac's? Well imagine a real world Kwik-E-Mart. Wall to Wall Junk food. There is one tiny shelf that contains a couple bottle of tylenol, buns, and not completely sugar based cookies. Everything else ... well sugar, fructose, sucrose, sugarose and so on.

There's even a wall of slushie choices. Of the top of my head: Coke, Minute Maid orange, Mango WTF, Orange WTF, Barq's cream soda, Blue raspberry, and grape. And I know I have forgotten a couple too.

After dinner last night we headed over. Along the way BigE wasn't really even paying attention to where we were going. He even walked by the door completely. I don't think that will happen ever again.

After a small orange slushie (read still big) somebody had a new favorite treat. BigE still didn't rush it down. He worked on it for over an hour. But it was all gone after the hour.

As we were heading to bed somebody wanted to know if after his nappy could we go back to the store to get another treat.

Why I wake up we will go to the store and get a special treat okay?

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