Friday, July 6, 2007

First Day back at the Big Daycare

Today BigE made the move back across the street to the big, old, daycare building. It's been a bit of a tough move for BigE. His 'visits' across the street have been rough. There were two friend who've already made the jump across the street.

After some whining and crying we parked on the big daycare side of the street. BigE was walking in an angle towards the old, smaller daycare. There was definitely disappointment when I broke the news we wouldn't be crossing the street. Once we got inside things got a little better.

We got a little lucky today. Little Ray's Reptiles was coming in a hour. BigE's friends from the small daycare came across to see the reptiles.

There was little snakes, big snakes, and a alligator. The alligator had it's mouth taped because "he could bite the little kids fingers". He apparently had lost a toe to another alligator. Jeeze, and you think you job is bad! BigE didn't want to touch any of the animals. So he learned the hand signal for that very quickly. It was making an X with your arms.

His favorite animal was the little snakes. But we don't know what they eat. Which was our discussion on the way home. Guess we'll have to look that one up.

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