Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gas Mileage

I emailed GM wondering if they had the fuel economy vs speed measurements for our Vibe. I mean I know they have it. Who builds and tests an engine and doesn't know how it will perform. It's more of a question is it anywhere I can get access to it. Sadly I'm still awaiting a response from GM. 6 days after their own deadline, on the second request, to get back to me and there is no sign of a response.

Anyways on to the actual article. From comes We Test the Tips: What Really Saves Gas? And How Much?

Aggressive driving by hard acceleration

The Cold Hard Facts: Up to 37 percent savings, average savings of 31 percent

Cold Hard Facts: Up to 14 percent savings, average savings of 12 percent
Ok that one hurts.


Cold Hard Facts: Avoiding excessive idling can save up to 19 percent

Recommendation: Stopping longer than a minute? Shut 'er down.

Here is one recommendation I have started doing. There are two left turns I make on a regular basis. At least one on my regular commute. On timing them I realized at one light I was waiting for over 100 seconds (1 minute and 40 seconds) between turn arrows.

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