Monday, July 30, 2007

A Trip to the Cottage

While the cottage was really nice we never bothered to take any pictures of it. Let's just say it was wooden with about 10 families worth of nick nacks. On to the important stuff. The Water!

Most of the time was spent in, on or near the water. The boys spent quite a bit of time in the lake. We took a few trips out in a pedal boat and a small inflatable raft.

BigE and Dada in a pedal boat

Of course Saturday night there was a fire and some fireworks. One firework exploded instead of lighting. The booms seemed to irritate the neighbours. Who had to hit the sack at 9:20 so they could be up by 7:30 to zoom around the lake.
Bevie and the boys by the fire

While we were at a cottage that doesn't mean you can't still catch a bedtime video.
BigE and Jakie watching TV

One fun spot down the lake from the cottage was the swinging tree. It had a 20' piece of rope hanging from a high branch. The kids were swinging out and having a blast.
Jakie swinging from the tree

Half of Saturday was spent blowing things up. Looking at the size of the Cabana here you can tell why. It had two ingeniously designed entertainment devices. A hole in the middle (Which I think was to hold a cooler) that the kids kept swimming into. The other fun thing was the anchor. We had several iterations to come up with a working version. Scott eventually vetoed my cinder block version. Some silliness about punching a hole in the float. Pfuhhhh.
Mama and Dada on the Cabana

Of course there was much fun in the boat. When the kids weren't being dragged on some inflated thingy we were cruising the lake. We took a trip to a water side restaurant on Sunday. During the cruising the kids hung out in front
Kids in the bow of the boat
and the ladies in the stern.
Bevie and Mama in the stern

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