Friday, May 25, 2007

Acanac II

Back in my post Acanac I was noting they're cheap/discount DSL service. Well it's been another week using they're service and I haven't had any trouble. Maybe that's the key. As long as it works everything is okay.

For example if I search for "acanac review" from google and the first one is
dta = "don't trust acanac". However there are good reviws in the mixed back at Dsl Reports' Reviews for Acanac Inc.

One important thing I have found is that the cheap price, $18.95 (including tax paid for the year up front), is for the first year only. After that they go up to $33.95.

The other good discount DSL serice is Highly revered at work for individual DSL service. List price is $29.95. However you have to buy your own DSL modem. For example Teksavvy offers a Speedtouch 516 for $125.

I'm a little concerned about the switch over time in moving to Acanac. One way to reduce that risk is to register for a DSL login from Teksavvy for $10. Should Acanac not have my account setup, or be delayed, I could connect to teksavvy via this login and go from there.

Now if there is a problem with my local connection I'm hosed either way. I.e. my local equipment over near the park has a wiring issue or a back hoe hit it.

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