Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Butterflies at Bowring Park

Well we decided to feed the ducks and go see the Butterflies at the hothouse. The ducks it turns out had been just feed. That didn't turn out to be very much fun. We made a mental note to only visit later in the day.

Now the butterflies turned out to be an interesting visit. Picture 200 butterflies flying around an 8ft high green house. Now if you were really still the butterflies would land on you.

Apparently it was physical movement and not verbal.

Now once the word got out everyone tried to stay still to get a butterfly to land.

What was surprising was the warning to watch out for butterflies. I came very close to squashing one of these

and when I say close. I mean my heel was down, he was under the ball of my foot until somebody jabbed a finger into my chest to get me to stop.

Now little did I realize they could do something useful like this

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