Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Consumer Reports - Finally

Back in Mother's Day and Consumer Reports I was bitching about Consumer Reports and their website. Well it's been about two weeks and as far as I can tell it's still busted. Although I did discover that it does seem to related to already having an account and trying to renew.

I thought ok I'll just create another account, no big deal. After I'm filling in the data and my credit card info I click subscribe. What happens? They can't process my credit card. There was an error. Double check the number. Yup that's correct. Oh well I give up.

After several emails to CR that went no where, a week later I got one of those "We want you back" emails. If Mama hadn't wanted it I probably would have told them to _ _ _ _ off!

After checking that the link was not spam I clicked on it. Licked split they took my info and had processed the charge. Odd how it just wouldn't work when starting from their site.

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