Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maytag Junk

That's what my stove is. A piece of Maytag junk. Back when we bought our house we hit a few local appliance stores. Along the way we somehow meet with a Maytag rep at one. He had Mama wowed. He did have a good story. We ended up with 5 Maytag appliances.

Only one has not required repair in the first 5 years. The Maytag repair man bored?

My ass. Poor ba***** passed on before my junk started falling apart.

Our fourth, yes fourth, stove element just burned out in the middle of a pot of corn. I thought a watched pot didn't boil because you were watching it, not because the stupid thing broke. How does that saying go?

What kills me is to bring this thing back into full service I need two burners. With service fees and taxes that at least $150 per burner. So I'm looking at $300 plus to fix this. Well I know what sunk costs are and it's time to declare this bad boy a goner.

The worst part will be the battle between replacing it and riding it into the ground.

For the record it's model no is MER57770ACW.

Oh and the best part. For a machine that was manufactured in 1999 this is what I get online looking for the manual:

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