Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day & Consumers Reports

So I was thinking of surprising Mama with a subscription to Consumer Reports. Ok so that it's a little bit of a wiener gift but (a) she wanted it (b) it would be a nice little surprise. In the (our) modern two income world you end up buying most things you want anyways. And let's face it I can't out shop Mama

So I head over and there are two adds for subscriptions. A small one on the side and then this big Mother Day's Gift Subscription.

Mothers Day Gift subscription ad

But after trying to login I got this error.

Consumer Reports says they have unexpected heavy traffic

On Friday.
On Saturday.
And finally on Sunday.

I can't find an email on the website. So God only only knows how many people couldn't get through. I mean if it was everyone then somebody in Marketing is going to sh*t on Monday when there were 0 subs over the weekend. Unless they had really, really low expectations.

So here I sit, still unsure if I should keep trying.

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