Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Road Rash

No not road rage. Road rash. Related to our older post Dog Walk I thought it would help explain things to some reads (and tell a funny story).

Picture the family dog walk. BigE is riding his bike on the side walk on a main 4 lane road. Now in these new neighbourhoods the sidewalk is about 15 feet from the road. Mama and I are walking along side. Mama has Arnie.

Arnie spots another dog on the other side of the street and he wants to go meet him. Now Arnie is a sweetie. He just wants to go play. But when 140 lbs wants to go play it can be hard to restrain. With the help of a gentle leader Mama does the job. While our attention is drawn, BigE takes a spill. I scoop him up to comfort him and stop the crying. There's nothing really wrong.

Except when things take a turn for the worse.

Then like out of a movie Mama is yanked towards the street. While our attention had been turned to BigE, Arnie had decided to make another pull for that dog. This is where the fun begins.

Mama doesn't let go. "I couldn't let go of the dog" she would later say. What would the other person think. So she tries to keep up. And by keep up I mean stumbling along trying to run fast enough to keep up with Arnie who is in full stride. Mama's upper body is going about 50% faster then her legs. It's quite a sight.

She's able to keep it up until the middle of the road. Then trip! Now Mama doesn't come to a complete stop. I'd say she made it about another 5 ft before coming to a complete stop. All the while one arm is out stretched clinging to the leash . Of course that pulled up her shirt on one side and caused some nice road rash.

Thankfully at 5:00 p.m. when the traffic is just pouring back into our neighbourhood there wasn't a car this whole time. I ran out with BigE in my arms and scooped up Mama. Once we got to the other side then the traffic came pouring back.

I think the damage assessment was hip road rash, sore fingers and wrist, and one embaressed Mama.

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