Thursday, May 17, 2007


From RedFlagDeals there was a posting about They provide discount DSL service. I.e. they resell Bell's DSL service.

They had an offer to try it free for a month. Switching DSL providers is actually quite easy. You simply change your login and password on your modem. Kind of like you log into an online email service with different user name and password. Instead of a user name like b1***** it's ***** Not too difficult.

So here's my little review:

  • It's acutally working quite well. My only network interruptions are my usual wireless hiccups

  • I'm getting the same downloads as I did with Bell.

  • In fact this post was typed while connected.

It's officially listed as $33.95 a month. However for as long as I've heard of them you can buy a year of service for $227.40 (including the tax) for the year. That's $18.95 a month.

Current rate for Bell? $47.95 a month.

How does Acanac do it? I'm not really sure. Rumors on the web put per customer cost around that $18-21 mark. I.e. what Acanac get's charged by Bell to use their infrastructure. Probably time to do a little research.

But their genius little marketing scheme got me to try it. And you know what? It's working just fine and now I'm seriously considering it. For the most part, including the bit to my home, it's the same network. But customer support is reported to leave a little bit to be desired. That's probably what you get for 18.95 a month.

Then again there is G.E. in TO that has received poor service from Bell. The size of the company seems to have little to do with service these days.

I think Bell's going to have to do some kind of price match to keep me if things keep going.

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