Sunday, May 13, 2007

Merry go Rounds

Funny thing happend today. After a trip through the Big Ol Box (BOB) store, we were heading out to a dollar store. As we're pulling into the parking lot. I'm thinking "Hmm how do I distract BigE from noticing the McDonalds." Especially since this one has a playground.

Side note: For the love of all that is holy; McDonalds how can you not have every McDonalds restaurant not upgraded to include a playland. Look at your own marketing studies. These things are like drugs to the kids.

Anyways as we go into the parking lot. Something has BigE distracted. A big ferris wheel? Ah one of those roving fairs has opened up in the parking lot. Ferris Wheel, round-about, Berry-go-round, space shuttle, and a dozen prize setups.

One stand even had an inflated Dora hammer as a prize. Dora and hammers. A natural duo like Fish andChips. Maybe it's the Dora marketing machine's response to this "WANTED---- DORA THE EXPLOER STUFF FOR A BOY"

As I run into the dollar store; some nice man gave Mama and BigE unused several tickets when they were standing in the ticket line. So we (BigE) got a couple of rides including the merry go round, space shuttle and berry go round (Big Strawberry that you sit inside and spin).

One thing I did notice is how the Merry go Round has changed. If you head to you can see the picturesque Merry go round. Kids smiling, arms up in the air, lights on and fast motion.

It's exactly like that today. Except now you have to photoshop in a parent or two behind the kids holding on for dear life. Oh yeah and add in a talk bulb "Hold on Johny you don't want to fall". There is almost as many parents on the Merry go Round as kids. I wonder what the weight limit on that thing is?

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