Thursday, May 24, 2007

Backyardigans: The Musical passing as a Cartoon

BigE is really loving the Backyardigans these days. It's a really great show. Now you don't learn a language or anything. But you do pick up a tune and some new dance moves.

Every episode starts with the gang in their backyard. Then as soon as the theme for the show is set their imaginations kick in and your transported to the swamp, safari, artic, desert or where ever they're headed for the show.

Odds are they've been singing and dancing by the time you get this far. The current favorite is episode #17 "Race around the world".

This finally supplanted episode #13 "Polka Dance Party". Polka playing cowboys heading to Cheyenne was a big hit. I don't recall seeing any accordions in any spaghetti western. Or a drummer floating down the river on a raft playing polka. Or those dance moves.

Now for all casual fans it's important to know the cast. They are:

  • Pablo the penguin

  • Tyrone the Moose

  • Tasha the Hippo

  • Uniqua the ???

  • Austin the Kangaroo

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