Friday, May 25, 2007

Using Google Reader

Okay I've been reading blogs for a number of years. Eventually once you reach a critical number of blogs you have to rely on RSS feeds. There's just too many sites to go visit them all. Or your at work and want to keep up and do it quickly.
Sure there are applications (or firefox extensions to read them), or websites like Bloglines, or a personalized page like My Yahoo page that let you have a customized RSS list. But the information was cluttered, required installing software on many machines (i.e. work pc), or the data shown was hours or days old.

Long story short that was until I tried Google reader. Maybe 9 out 10 blog readers use something else. But right away it clicked for me.

  • It was web based so I could use it anywhere.
  • It checked feeds in real time.
  • It allowed me to easily group feeds.
  • I could see the latest posting from a group of feeds without clicking on each feed.
There's a pretty good quick three page overview at
Google Reader Help
. Short, sweet and to the point.

However given my readership is a little light on the web savvy and all I'll soon add a post with some additional information.

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