Saturday, May 19, 2007

Soccer Post III

So it's Saturday morning and it's time to head to soccer. I'd heard a rumor that they were going to update their practice to better suit the kdis. Well it was different.

First thing the kids were outside. Second, after doing jumping jacks as the warm up they all got balls. Third, the first drill was knocking down cones by kicking the ball. Fourth the kids had a lot of ball time. As much as they wanted really.

Now BigE was in a very shy mood and did not want to practice. Very frustrating. So we stood on the side of the practice. We may not be practicing but we wont be doing anything else. The final 10 minutes were open free "game" time with parents getting involved. This was about the only time BigE was playing. In the end I think he only did that part because Dada informed him there would be no TV if we didn't practice.

In the end he had fun and said he wanted to play next week. We'll see if that is true in update IV.

BEST PART OF THE PRACTICE: BigE's buddy M had to pee during the practice. Where does he pee?

Hint M likes to pee outside.

On one of the practice cones. Heard on the side lines "I've never see that before", and "Well now I have seen everything". Didn't phase M one little bit.

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